God calls us to serve locally and around the world! We have active ministries in Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, India, Mexico

and right here in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. For more information on any of the projects below, contact our Global Ministries Pastor, Brian Morehead, at 818.709.0113 (ext 190) or


Throughout the year we will have projects for groups and individuals where we will join together and serve. At each of these locations, they also need ongoing help from individuals on a regular basis. Please read about these opportunities and explore whether God is calling you to serve on a regular basis.

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2019 TRIPS

Scroll down to learn more about the ministry we will be doing in 2019 in various countries around the world!

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February 2019

The Church at Rocky Peak will be sending over a small team to northern Thailand, which includes law enforcement professionals, to partner with ZOE International in their ongoing mission to end child trafficking. This Rocky Peak team will assist and collaborate with ZOE Investigators and the Royal Thai Police as they partner together in child rescue investigations.

Blake Nance, Royce Burroughs, Jason Dufour

Travis Kemmer, Troy Shear, Austin Tingley  

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February 7-17

We have been working in Tanzania for 5 years and God has been on the move. We started sharing Christ with the Maasai  people and many came to Christ and a church was birthed. Then we started working with a unreached Muslim tribe and God created a love bond between us and them and we have a beach head of churches started in the tribe and we are continuing to love and work with them.


This February we are making contact with a new village in Tanzania. It is one of the poorest villages our partner in Tanzania has ever visited.  When our stepped into the village for the first time they were overjoyed. They said when they established their village many years ago there was a missionary in the area and they made him leave. They believe they have been cursed ever since. They regret that they rejected God and can we come to share God.


This is a trip of a life time. We will be sharing Christ with people who don’t know him at all and who are eager to learn. We will be at the cutting edge of missions. 

Sign-up at or attend our orientation meeting Sunday Nov. 11 at 3:30 pm in room 210 of the Kid’s Center.


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November 16-24

In the hills of Southern Mexico there are many indigenous tribes that are very poor, speak a local language and have very little access to medical services or the word of God. We want to bring both. This will be are third trip with a local missionary who uses medical trips to love and serve the people and to start a relationship where over time he can share the gospel. We are looking for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Administrators, Dentists, Optometrists and helpers.


May 17-19

Last year we had the privilege of partnering with a Oaxacan Pastor in a new growing community of families from the south who are trying to make a new life near Ensenada Mexico. We will be joining Pastor Juan Gregorio as he grows his ability to serve the poor in his area. This is a great chance to serve the poor and proclaim the gospel to people who are in the midst of change and hardship. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the hope we have in Christ. It is $170 for adults and $120 for 16 years old and under.

          Adults 18+

          Children & teens



May 27 – June 4

Join us as we work alongside our partner Gaba Community Church to establish a church on a college campus in Kampala, Uganda. The cost of the trip is: $3,000, which includes a 2 day Safari at Murchison Falls. Ages 18-35.