God calls us to serve locally and around the world! We have active ministries in Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, India, Mexico

and right here in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. For more information on any of the projects below, contact our Global Ministries Pastor, Brian Morehead, at 818.709.0113 (ext 190) or


The Church at Rocky Peak has partnered with Zoe International to help carry His light into the dark world of child trafficking. In September 2018, Rocky Peak will be sending a small team of law enforcement professionals over to Chiang Mai, Thailand to help train and support a group of federal Thai police officers as they work to rescue more children and end child trafficking.

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Throughout the year we will have projects for groups and individuals where we will join together and serve. At each of these locations, they also need ongoing help from individuals on a regular basis. Please read about these opportunities and explore whether God is calling you to serve on a regular basis.

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God has been unfolding for us a five-year plan to plant a growing self-multiplying, sustainable church in the homeland of an unreached tribe in Tanzania.


The first year 2016 we trained a few Christians on planting house churches through gathering people they know and teaching them stories orally from the bible, praying, worshiping and then sending them out to tell the stories to friends and family. They caught the vision and ran with it. There is a secret movement of Christ in their villages. After a year and a half there were over 81 home churches, with 997 in attendance, 270 professions of faith, 84 people baptized and 41 active leaders. This tribe’s identity is Muslim and they have actively resisted the gospel for over 1000 years. God is on the move and has started a movement of Christ within the tribe.  


Year 2 2017 The leaders of the villages at the hub of the traditional lands of the tribe identified that their number one need was clean water. Funded by the water fast here at the church at rocky peak we did a major water project that is suppling 7 villages and 5000 people with clean water through a water system. This set us up for our next step, publicly telling stories from the bible. A team of college students from rocky peak went in and taught water hygiene and gave them a vision for community transformation using stories from the bible. Our audience was community and Muslim leaders. They started out distant and cold but after a few days our student’s love broke through. They were very receptive and loved the stories and interaction with our team. This was part of our long-term strategy to make the stories from the bible, publicly accepted by the community.


Year 3 March 2018. We sent another team to train more community leaders about Community Transformation. At the beginning of the week one of the main leaders asked point blank how than to solve this sin problem. We took a chance and told them the whole salvation through Christ story. This opened the way for us to tell the salvation story door to door throughout the villages. This was a surprise and way ahead of schedule. This is an unbelievable breakthrough. God birthed in us and our partners the dream to plant a living self-sustaining movement of Jesus Christ in this unreached people group during a 5-year campaign. God has been faithful, the church at rocky peak has been faithful we are excited about the fruit God has shown us.


We are going again in July to continue this work. We will be going door to door with the Gospel, continuing the community transformation training, conducting an eye glass clinic and instructing teachers how to work with deaf children.