CBS is an interdenominational Bible study for women of the community. The focus of CBS is to glorify God while concentrating on the essentials of the Christian faith, and working to grow in our relationships with each other and Christ. 

TUESDAY 10:15 am–12:15 pm  |  The Ridge

On hiatus for the summer.

For more information on CBS, visit or contact Veronica Jenkins at


Our study this year is called “The Red Sea to the Jordan River”. God’s mercy and faithfulness to His people are the threads that run throughout this Old Testament study. Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers tell the story of how God delivered His chosen people, the Israelites, from Egyptian slavery and established them as a new nation. Because of biblical themes like doubt/faith, complaining/grace, crisis/intercession, and failure/repentance, the opportunities for spiritual growth offered in this course are plentiful. Don’t miss any part of this journey in the Word! Come prepared to begin, revive and/or rejuvenate your walk with Jesus.