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Dear Rocky Peak, Next spring, I will be leading our next study tour to Israel. This will be the fifth tour we’ve led in the past few years and these trips have been truly life changing for those who have gone!  The early church father, Jerome, once described Israel as “the fifth gospel,” and once you’ve been there,  you’ll know why and you’ll never read your Bible the same way! 

NEXT STUDY TOUR: March 13-24, 2017

Many years ago, Lin and I went to Israel—first on a tour and then leading a tour—but ever since then, I’ve wanted to design a tour that is a bit more adventurous, a lot more authentic, and that leads to more life change.  These trips are the fulfillment of that dream! This tour will combine pre-trip learning with on-site experiences and will keep us closer to the unspoiled land and farther away from gaudy churches and tourist traps.  We will go places where most tours don’t go, and we will get to see things most tours don’t see. 

These trips will also require a fair amount of hiking so we get a first hand feel for the mountains, valleys, rivers, seas and deserts of Israel. We are limiting the trip to one bus so we can get in and out of sites quickly, so space is limited! 

In Him, Pastor Michael

Please contact Vicki Winters at 818.709.0113 (ext 132) or

trip details


The cost of the trip starts at $3695 and is all inclusive - round trip airfare, all hotels, meals, taxes and tips. It even includes bottled water while we are out touring and some other extras. You can save $100 if you book by August 30, 2016


2017 Itinerary Cost $3695 per person with double occupancy $2100 Business Class upgrade round trip $790 single room suppliment $100 early bird discount when registered before August 20, 2016. Note: Airfare is subject to additional fule surcharges as may assessed by Turkish Ariways prior to ticketing. 


$400 per person deposit on confirmation. $1600 per person due September 02, 2016. Total balance due January 03, 2017.