Initiative for the Poor

Uganda Girls Home

About the project

In 2007, Pastor James Tiera and his wife Lilian planted a church in an impoverished and rough neighborhood in the northwest area of Kampala, Uganda. They started the church with just 20 people, but it has grown to over 1000 people at their weekend services.

Some of the girls in the area are orphans or have been abandoned by their families. Others live in an abusive or dangerous family situation. Some are from poor rural villages and need a safe place to stay in the city so they can get an education. Pastor James and the church have a vision to build a large home, which will include dorms, a dining hall, and staff quarters for these girls, where they can live while going to school. 

The pricing breaks down as follows:

1 square foot - $20

5 square feet - $100

25 square feet - $500

50 square feet - $1,000

You can give using the Rocky Peak app or in service this weekend. You can also click the button below!