Initiative for the Poor

Christmas 2016

Serving sUDAN

Two or three times a year, we turn our attention to somewhere in the world where people are hurting and where we can make a difference. This year, we are assisting pastors in Sudan by sponsoring their education at Africa Renewal University. South Sudan has been in turmoil for decades and is currently in the middle of a bitter civil war. The Church is alive there but there has very little Bible knowledge. One day a person comes to Christ and the next he’s called to be a pastor. We have the opportunity to sponsor pastors being biblically educated with a full ride bachelor's degree: room, board, and tuition. The pricing breaks down as follows:

Education for:

One Week - $25

Two Weeks - $50

Three Weeks - $75

One Month - $100

Three Months - $300

Six Months - $500

One Year - $1200

Three Years - $3600

You can give in service this weekend or by clicking the "give" button. You can also read more about the story behind this project and the pricing breakdown below.



Some of you may remember that about ten years ago we partnered with Pastor Peter Kisirivu and the Africa Renewal Ministry to launch a new Bible college to train pastors in Kampala, Uganda. In Uganda it is very common for community leaders to come to Christ and be immediately thrust into the ministry because of the shortage of pastors. The way Peter describes it is that they have leaders who are witch doctors one day, and pastors the next! You can imagine the problems this causes in the churches! So ten years ago I went to Uganda and asked Peter how we could best him help advance the Kingdom there. He said one of their dreams was to start a Bible school to train pastors. So we agreed to help him, and that Bible school has become a fully accredited Ugandan college

Now comes the next chapter of this story. This past fall, Pastor Brian Morehead and I met with the Chancellor of Africa Renewal University, Dr. David Fugoyo. David is originally from South Sudan and he has a dream to launch a similar school in his country. Right now that is not possible because South Sudan is still in the throes of a civil war and the nation has been devastated by the violence. But the need for trained pastors is as greater than ever! So when we met, he shared his dream to providing training for these pastors by providing the scholarships for them to travel to study at the Africa Renewal University in Kampala. Kampala is only eight hours away these men would be able to move their to get their education if we were to help them financially.

We can provide a full three-year bachelor's degree program for just $3,600, or $1,200 a year! This includes everything: room, board, and tuition! As we have prayed about this, we believe this is our next assignment for our Initiative For The Poor. In many ways this reminds me of the Initiative for the Poor we’ve been studying about in Acts, when the Apostle Paul collected funds from his gentile churches to help support the poorer Jewish Christ-followers in Jerusalem who had been hit hard by a recent famine. In this case we will be helping these poorer Sudanese brothers get their training they strengthen their churches and be used to help heal the wounds in this war torn land.


It takes $1,200 a year to cover their expenses. That breaks down like this: You can pay for a week of their education for $25, two weeks for $50, three weeks for $75, and a month for $100. Or you can cover three months for $300, six months for $500, a whole year for $1,200, or their whole three years for $3,600. Think of the life changing difference you will make not only for these brothers and sisters in Christ and their families, but also for the churches they lead and for this war torn country - and not just now, but for the rest of their lives!

Michael Yearley

Lead Pastor