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God calls us to serve locally and around the world!  We have active ministries in Uganda, Liberia, India, Mexico

and right here in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

For more information contact our Global Ministries Pastor, Brian Morehead 818.709.0113 (ext 190) or

2017 upcoming trips

Mexico April 28-30

Tanzania (Soma) July 22- Aug. 2

All Serve Outreach Nov. 4

Monthly Mexico Mission Trips

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Tanzania Mission Trip

July 22 – August 2

The plan is to teach water hygiene using Biblical stories. What we hope to accomplish with this mission is to start the people on a path of accepting God’s word as instructions for life. Our goal in the long term is that the leaders and the people gradually, as a people, see following Jesus Christ as the solution to building a better life.

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Ensenada Outreach

There are thousands of people just over the boarder living without a decent roof over their head. Churches are near and they want to help but they lack the resources. Join us as we partner with the church community in Ojos Negros to put on a VBS, feed the town lunch, paint and roof several houses and build two new ones. We have the opportunity to help them show the love of Christ to their community. The cost is $220 for adults, $180 for age 15 and younger. Families of 4 or more pay $620 total. This includes meals and transportation.

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Global ministries - Service & Trips


    It is wonderful that you want to serve in our community. We are asked to be salt and light; and serving is a wonderful way to be a visible light. The organizations listed can be served by individuals or groups. Please call the contact person listed and discover how you can be of help.  For more information contact  

    Service Opportunities 


    On a recent MONTHLY trip to a prison in Mexico, one of our mission members, Rick, was working a reading glass station when an angry prisoner sat down. “Are you all from America?” he asked Rick. “I hate ALL Americans!” The prisoner had been a gang member in Los Angeles, and had been deported to serve time in Mexico. He said he was wrongly accused, and he blamed Americans for the miserable life he was currently living. After the man received his glasses, Rick talked more with him and shared the gospel; and Rick’s translator told the prisoner “anger and revenge never work”. The translator shared that he was in prison because he had killed several people out of revenge. Rick spent more time talking with the prisoner, and he accepted Christ. With tears in his eyes, the prisoner hugged Rick and asked “Would you forgive me on behalf of all Americans?” The translator continued to work with Rick throughout the day, and at the end of the day, he also accepted Christ. A lot more amazing stories came out of that day. You should join us and experience some of your own! Contact  

  • 2016 Liberia Eyeglasses Distribution Trip (July 23-31)

    Visited 5 churches saw 6 new water wells and served over 1000 people in our eyeglass clinic.

  • 2015 - oaxaca, medical missions trip

    St. Martin is an area of Oaxaca, Mexico, high in the mountains. Every few miles is another small village set on the side of a hill. Their main language is various dialects of mixteco and their government is the village elders. We will be visiting several villages in order to give medical assistance. Our local partner has been in the area for 13 years and has three small churches. Our mission is to help them demonstrate the active love of Christ in order to attract people to the gospel message and start a wider movement of Christ in this area. Watch Video